Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Holding pattern

Well, I finished the last of my articles last night, and got those submitted. I still have some articles to write for Shop Etsy, but I've been taking a break on those. If all goes well, I might write a couple tomorrow night, but we shall see.

Right now, I'm mostly just settling into a holding pattern. I don't have anything super pressing on my agenda outside of work, so I'm just sort of enjoying the calm before the inevitable storm. Because there's always a storm... sometimes it's just lurking on the horizon. :)

So yeah, I know there's craziness coming, it's just not in my immediate field of vision. I can see it on my calendar, though, and I somehow don't even think that covers everything...

Tonight: helping Jerome with papers and trying to clean the living room (the latter is fairly futile, I think).
Tomorrow: writing, potentially
Thursday: probably crafting and watching movies
Friday: more of the same

If I'm lucky, Saturday will be my day to run over to Bellevue to the big JoAnn's. There are two colors of yarn that I MUST find soon, as I'm almost out of both, and it's the two main colors of my most popular hat. (I've sold 3 on Etsy, and many more off Etsy.) I've got some backup plans in case I can't find it there, but if they do have it, I'm buying like 4 skeins of each color. Maybe more... :)

Any official craziness can wait until Sunday, thankyouverymuch.

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