Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jerome makes me laugh... :)

On the phone earlier, he was so excited because when he asked me what I needed him to do today, I told him that really I just wanted him to clean up the coffee table (a.k.a. his "desk"). He decided that he's gonna do that, and then just lay on the couch all day long. Ah, that's my sweetie. :)

His vacation basically started last night, as he only has one more class that he has to attend, and nothing to turn in for that class. He gets three frickin' weeks off! Me, I get a week of vacation, but I'm using up almost all of my vacation days thus far to have that.

Of course, the latter part reminds me that I need to start keeping an eye on the weather forecasts for multiple cities. Whoever decided that routing a plane through Denver a week before Christmas was a good idea apparently never heard of snow. :)

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