Wednesday, December 05, 2007


So I decided to take pictures of magnets last night, and get those listed in my Etsy shop. Let me tell you, the taking pictures part was the most difficult of this entire endeavor. I basically had to over-saturate the whole area with a bunch of light, and then hold my camera about 2 inches away from the magnets to get a good picture. And even then, I know the pictures could be a lot better. But it's hard to take pictures of glass!

The picture to the right is the only small magnet set, this one on a quasi-steampunk theme. The two on the far left are watch parts, the two in the middle are from an old map of New Orleans, and the two on the right are just that neat effect that you can get when you take a picture of a light just right. The other sets either have all large magnets or a mix of large and small magnets.

More sets to come later in my shop, including the star sets, which are super cool. I'll definitely list one of those when I get home tonight. :)


Anandi said...

the picture you've posted looks pretty good, actually. I've been struggling with the photos myself, though I guess it's not much different from taking pics of jewelry...

Dawn said...

See, I think your photos look WAY better than mine do! :) Mine ended up with a really yellow hue, though that probably has a lot to do with the lightbulbs that we use around the apartment.