Thursday, December 27, 2007

Red and black

I seem to be on a bit of a red and black kick lately. I actually made one hat with the intention of adding it to my shop, but when Jerome saw it, he made the "I want it" face, so I let him have it. He needed a good winter hat anyway, and I'd rather him have one I made than one from the store. :) It also matches a scarf that I made to go with my old winter coat 2 years ago, and so he's inherited that as well.

Though it started with the red and black yarn, I later found this red and black fabric, and even though I'm on a self-imposed fabric buying freeze, I had to have it. Because if red and black Celtic knotwork doesn't scream "dice bag and/or tarot card pouch," I don't know what does. Also, fat quarters of fabric make 2-4 dice bags each, which is not too bad! :) (Well, they mostly make 2-4 dice bags. Gotta have something else for the lining though. :) )

And then I threw together another hat, though it's different from the one Jerome claimed as his. But I have a BUNCH of the black yarn (bought cheap when I thought I couldn't get any more of it), and it makes a nice warm hat, as does the red and black yarn. Now I just need more yarn to go with all of the black... ;)

Of course, I'm also working on some other stuff, but I thought I'd show these two things off. I've been adding some Valentines to the shop as well, and I've got a set of those in red and black as well... yes, I'm just obsessed. :)


Anandi said...

Not sure if you saw this listing:

But I just wanted to make sure yu did in case you needed them :)

Love the dice bag. Too bad I don't have any dice to put in them...

Also, your coffee cozy gets a lot of admiring looks from friends. Are you selling many of them in your shop?

Dawn said...

Hah! That's a lot of bottle caps! :) Thankfully, I've got enough for now. :)

I've sold a couple of the coffee cozies from my shop. What I really need to do is to find an indie coffee shop that's interested in buying them wholesale. :)