Friday, February 01, 2008


I just realized that I never did blog about my collaging workspace, which I finally got cleaned up enough to show off in public. The pictures have been on my Flickr all week, but I forgot to mention it here.

My collage area 1

So yeah, this is my tiny little dining room table. We don't really have a dining room, of course--this is in a little section of the living room that's near to the kitchen. In fact, if you look at the top left of the picture, that's the back of our microwave.

The brown and pink cardboard box (used to hold ramen noodles) is where I keep my stamps, inkpads, and sticky stuff--glue, tape, etc. Beneath that is a plastic container with drawers for SOME of my paper. The green and white box to the right of that is the rest of my paper (well, almost all of the rest). The tiny purple box is actually my hand-sewing stuff... it's been on the table lately because I was sewing charms onto ACEOs a week or more ago. The two jars at the right used to hold pickles and parmesan cheese; now they hold pens, pencils, and paint brushes. In front of those are my larger hole punches, and a stack of cards that are awaiting envelopes before I can list them.

Beneath the table, I store some empty cardboard boxes, along with whatever bubble wrap and packing peanuts I've received that are in good enough shape to reuse. There are chairs on the two sides of the table not flanked by the wall. One of them has random stuff tossed on it and more stuff beneath it. The other is where I sit.

Of course, these photos were taken on Sunday. Since then, Jerome has overtaken my table with the mango project. The mango project is probably going to drive me insane by Monday (when it's due), but perhaps then I'll have some fun stuff to show everyone. And a 3-week-overripe mango to do something with...


Woven Chains said...

I wish I could be half this organized. I can never find anything when I want it! Good luck standing the Mango project through the weekend.

Dawn said...

This is only the beginning of the organization... my fabric is still a wreck, and my yarn is only beginning to be tidied up... and my beautiful shipping table keeps getting taken over with other crap. :(