Monday, February 04, 2008


a.k.a. Keep the tools away from Dawn. Seriously. :)

Memo to self: No more buying the linoleum mounted onto blocks of wood. Because it seems like a great idea, until you ram your knuckles into the block of wood several times. Yes, it drew blood. I either have wussy knuckles, or I shouldn't be allowed to play with tools.

But I made my own linocut block tonight, and then printed with it. I feel so accomplished! I'm sticking with basic shapes and designs for now, but when I get more of the soft, nice linoleum (with no wooden blocks), I might get fancier.

So here is: fish in a headlight.

Fish in a headlight

(The picture of the linocut block and of my battered knuckles are both on Flickr as well. But the former came out blurry and the latter isn't something everyone will want to see. But I promise the latter isn't gory... just missing skin on my knuckles...)


melissakate said...

I've definitely stabbed myself a few times doing linocuts. I have a scar in the shape of the linocut tool on the side of my thumb :)
I like your fish and that picture you printed it on!

Dawn said...

Yeah, I have two fingers on my right hand bandaged today, due to scraped knuckles. But there are some stab marks on my left hand, probably from when the tool slipped and went into my hand that was holding the block... ugh, who knew printmaking was so dangerous? :)