Thursday, February 28, 2008

'Scuse me while I SQUEE for a bit!

On Sunday, my eBay auctions (books) ended, and I got paid for them. I promptly turned around and spent the money on buying the new Abney Park CD, "Lost Horizons," and a flight helmet, which is an item I've been wanting to add to my wardrobe for a while now. Well, I knew that they had band practice on Monday, and that's also when they put together packages to mail out. So I was pretty hopeful that we'd get our stuff this week.

Jerome called me at work yesterday to say "We have a package from this band we know..." Mailed on Tuesday, arrived on Wednesday! How's that for some service? (It helps that they're based out of Gig Harbor, so the package didn't have far to go.)

And the flight helmet?

Fear my glittery gun


The album is also awesomely good, as I suspected it would be. :) I had heard at least half of the songs before it was released, so I knew what the general sound was going to be. But it's so much more exciting when the CD is actually in hand. :) I'll hopefully end up reviewing it for AC, but who knows... I say I'll write things, and then realize that I'm a crazy type person for thinking I can get the writing done!


Rekoj said...

OMG that is a great helmet! Ah the joy of Ebay =)

Dawn said...

Yeah, eBay is where the goggles came from... I think they might be Russian, but I may also be confusing them with other goggles that I've looked at. I look at a lot of goggles. :)