Wednesday, February 27, 2008


It's been a fairly slow week for me, and that's not entirely a bad thing. Things are about to pick back up at work, though, so I guess that's something. And I have been getting quite a bit of crocheting done recently. Using up my yarn stash and making stuff to sell on Etsy. Rock on. :)

I'm really really thrilled with the newest creation, though, which is a new version of the cute fish that I posted here. The new one is stuffed, with yarn eyes. So a cute little plushie fish that's safe for little kids!

And I actually made a pair of them. A red fish and a blue fish. Yes, I am a Dr. Seuss fan, however did you guess? :)

(Which reminds me. Someday, in the future, if I have kids, I'm going to have to get my dad a supply of blank CDs and software so he can record himself reading ALL of the Dr. Seuss books. No one reads Dr. Seuss like my dad. Even when I was too old for those books, I'd still listen to him reading them to my sisters. :) )

In other news, I'm once again debating opening a second shop on Etsy. I keep telling myself that I don't need to open a second shop. But I'm out of sections in my first shop! And I keep coming up with names that amuse me. (And then I check them on Etsy to make sure no one else has taken them. :) )

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