Wednesday, February 13, 2008

There goes my to do list again...

Yeah, it's getting all filled up with stuff again. Granted, part of that is just me adding a bunch of craft projects to it, so that I know what I should be working on in my spare time that I allegedly have. And the bulk of those are pretty small projects--nothing major on the agenda until I get the box of yarn that Jerome's dad will eventually be sending to me... :)

And of course, I keep adding to it... always. :)

In other news, I watched what I thought was a really good vampire movie last night. Granted, it is not everyone's definition of good. (Jerome thought it sucked, and stopped watching after about an hour.) It's extremely gory, and a lot of crazy thrown in on top of that. But I thought it was an interesting portrayal of that whole "insatiable thirst for blood" thing that vampires have (well, at least in some stories). So yeah, if you're not scared off yet, and want to check it out, it's called "The Thirst." Adam Baldwin (a.k.a. Jayne Cobb from Firefly) is in it, which is pretty much the whole reason I watched it. There's some other people in it too. :)

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Kayce said...

I'm not a fan of vampire movies. The only one I can sit down and watch is Vampires with James Woods and I think it's because I find the cheesiness of the movie enjoyable :)

I'm sure The Thirst is a movie my husband would enjoy though!