Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Now I can breathe normally again... I think...

So yeah, my whole life turned into some sort of crazy whirlwind for a few days. I was out of town Thursday and Friday. Saturday was supposed to be my day to recuperate, and I guess I must have, since that day is a complete blur. I think that's the day I made the cute fish from the last post, and otherwise just acted like a vegetable.

Sunday was the EtsyRain Troll Stroll in Fremont, which was a lot of fun, but way too cold and windy. And then I walked home. :) (It's actually not bad at all... about 12 blocks, mildly uphill. I didn't feel it the next day, which is GOOD!)

Yesterday, I spent my entire day editing, but actually managed to get out of here a little earlier than normal, so that we could make the 50 mile drive down to Abney Park rehearsal. At one point Robert said "so is this the smallest show you've ever been to?" I said "well, yeah, I think there were at least 20 people at Witches' Ball." :) Last night: 5 band members, 5 guests, 3 children of band members. :) Awesome. :) And, of course, I'm even more excited about the new album, which is due out March 1st.

So now, I have to get back on track with a million and one things that I've been neglecting in my busy-ness... and yet my busy-ness is not done yet, as I'm going to a birthday party tomorrow night! Well, at least work is calming down. :)

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