Thursday, November 03, 2005

I have returned from my trip to Seattle, and it was good. :) I have already written a lengthy recap of the adventure, posted elsewhere, and rather than reposting it here (trust me it's super long, and would take up lots of space), I give you some amusing quotes of the excursion.

"Merging is a serious committment."
--Jeff, on traffic in Seattle

"It's like what would happen if punk rockers owned a Denny's."
--Jeff, on The Hurricane (a diner type place)

"She told me that I'm struggling to become a man, and that I have a lot of issues."
--Nick the neighbor boy, on his tarot card reading (a.k.a. Nick versus the tarot cards or Nick versus the Pagans)

"It's another beautiful princess!"
--Chloe (age 3), on seeing my belly dancer costume, complete with headpiece

And many many more, but these are the ones that stick out the most in my memory.

So many thanks to Jeff, for showing me around the city, helping me get a quasi-appreciation of wine, and otherwise giving me things to do throughout my trip. Also thanks to Robert and the rest of Abney Park, for letting the crazy girl from Illinois come to Seattle to see them play, and hang out; and also for bringing Nick the neighbor boy to man the merch table while I saw the show.

And also to the many kewl people I got to meet and talk with... it was a super good time.

Nonetheless, I am very pleased to be back in Illinois, as I missed my friends terribly while I was gone. Especially J. But I suppose you all probably already guessed that one... :)

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Anonymous said...

actually, it was "off-ramps are a serious commitment." :P