Friday, November 04, 2005

Alas, the quote of the century shall not be used for End of the Work Week Wisdom. Because while it was great and wonderful, I don't think it would necessarily qualify as wisdom. And it's probably not fit for public consumption anyway.

Instead, for today, I shall merely point out that when you want to make a pile of leaves in your yard, RAKES are the necessary implement. Feet work tolerably well, but slowly. Brooms don't do much. The Swiffer does even less. Jesi running down to the other end of the yard, grabbing an armful of leaves, and running back to the pile is nearly fruitless.

At least J didn't hurt himself jumping into our way too tiny pile of leaves. And at least there are no known injuries from the gymnastics.

And if you make enough pouty noises, you might be lucky enough to get the spatula covered in cheesecake. Even if you do have to share it.

Just watch out for the beaters from the mixer. They're... dangerous... :)

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