Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Today, in honor of my coming trip, I will pimp Abney Park. :)

Ummm... so like go to their website, and buy their stuff, and listen to their music, and LOVE IT! Cuz it's really super duper good, and because they are very kewl to let a girl come from 1,400 miles away to be their merchandise girl, and hang out with them. :)

Seriously, though, they're super talented, and they're super nice. And to me, that makes a good combination for a band. They're real people, they just make groovy music. :)

Yes, I'm excited! :)


In other news, you probably won't see another update outta me in about a week. So everyone have a good Halloween, be safe, and wait with bated breath for my next post... ;)

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