Tuesday, March 11, 2008

*shakes fist at the skies*

I cannot wait until I have good daylight left when I get home from work. With daylight savings time doing its thing on Sunday, I have SOME daylight when I get home, but it's sort of that grayish light just before twilight--in other words, not the greatest light for taking photos. I end up saving all of my photography for the weekends, as the best natural light I can get is in the late morning to early afternoon.

This is frustrating because I usually end up making stuff outside of my photography window, and thus can't show off pictures for a full week sometimes! Case in point: I made two new Decaptitated Dollies over the weekend, and two more last night. These are all REALLY fancy ones compared to the first four, and I want to show them off so badly! I might have Jerome try to get some photos of them tomorrow, since it's his day off.

The short version, however, is that I broke out my old box of cheap mall post earrings, which I can't wear anymore, and have been using them to decorate the Decapitated Dollies. Some of them are used for earrings on the dolls, but I've also used them for an eyebrow ring on one, hair adornments for a few, and even eyes on one of the dolls! Now I'm just trying to come up with other ideas for clever little morbid dollies. :)

I also finished my entry for the newest EtsyRain challenge late on Sunday night, and got some pretty miserable photos of it in the grayish twilight yesterday. I really have to work on those, though, because the photos are going to be critical for making this one work.

I've heard it said many a time on the Etsy forums: "I'm not a photographer, I'm a [insert craft of choice here]." It's so frickin' true. Sure, I get by most of the time (and my photography has certainly improved), but man, sometimes craft shows are a lot easier. :)

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Dancing Monkey Jewelry said...

As much as I love taking photographs - the one thing I would really rather not photograph is my jewelry. Who would have thought that taking pictures of something that just lays there would be so hard!

On another entirely different note, I was highly amused to read that you come from a family of amateur radio operators. It's not often that I run into people who know about "Ham Radios". :)