Thursday, March 27, 2008

They're fuzzy!

I've been making a lot of these arm warmers lately. I used to make them in a different style, but said different style did not lend itself well to making striped arm warmers. And given my adoration for striped tights, it's no suprise that I eventually got around to makeing striped arm warmers as well. Now, I can wear more brightly colored stripes than anyone other than Rainbow Brite should ever wear! :)

They also seem to be pretty popular. In their off-Etsy debut, I sold two pairs, which meant I needed more yarn. :) Since then, I've made a pair in blue and black, and I'm working on a pair in pink and black now. I've also got yarn to do red and black, as I realized that my color palette is so often in the purple range. Just purple, no other colors. :)

I'm still working on the sizing a little bit. I call the size that fits me a small to medium, but I really wonder if that shouldn't be an extra small to small. I may wear medium clothes, but I think my arms still fall into the toothpick category. :)

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