Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Yeah, I said it. Wrasslin'. For long term readers of SWG.net, you may have caught some of my former chatter about professional wrestling, because I used to watch it weekly. Unfortunately, I don't think I can say "used to" anymore... Jerome and I seem to be getting hooked on watching wrestling.

Watching wrestling for me was originally more of a social event. It was the night when I would head over to my friends' house and sit for a couple of hours chatting and making fun of what was going on. When I started crocheting, this was the perfect way for me to hone my skills of TV watching while crocheting--wrestling is particularly mindless, plus they show lots of slow-motion replays of things that I might have missed if I was reading a pattern or fiddling with a tricky stitch. Many a hat was made while I tried to avoid the bars on the futon that made sitting on it so uncomfortable.

Now Jerome was never really a wrestling fan or a casual observer; by the time he and I started dating, my excursions to watch wrestling were fairly few and far between--I was doing far too much other stuff to keep a weekly wrestling watching date. :) But now that we're on the West Coast, wrestling doesn't air until considerably later--RAW comes on at 9 p.m., which is about the time that we're usually looking for something to watch. So we've been watching for the past couple of weeks, and I woke up to an E-mail this morning telling me that we might have to watch another one of the wrestling shows because someone is coming back... someone who carries a bat. This, unfortunately, is not enough information for me to go on, so I'll have to get details later. :)

(BTW, I should note that I often wake up to E-mails from Jerome because if he tried to tell me things when he comes to bed, I would just forget them by morning. And if I tried to ask him questions when I get up for work, he would probably babble incoherently at me. :) )

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