Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Excuse me while I scream like a giddy schoolgirl!

Peter Murphy is playing El Corazon. Yes, it will probably be packed full of old goths, but I don't care. At least it's difficult to mosh to Peter Murphy, so even if it is crowded, I won't get stomped.

Getting stomped is the main reason why we end up skipping a lot of shows. I am small and not very tough. In fact, some would even call me a big wussy. :) This doesn't work out too well when you like a lot of punk and metal bands, unfortunately. Particularly when they play in a dinky little venue with no seats.

But it sucks when I end up not being able to see bands that I love. I think eventually I just need to buy a pair of steel-toed boots and suck it up... and stop being a big wussy. :)

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