Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Random fun fact

It is totally possible to smash a Fruit Roll-Up that's still in the package. Especially in my bag.

Don't ask why I didn't think this was possible. I was mostly just hoping that they were less squishable than, say, a Little Debbie snack. I think I was correct in that assumption. :)

Oh the joys of not entirely as planned. I thought I'd be at the library for two days, yet here I am at work. Though I do get to go back to the library in the morning.

I already know I will have no time for any crafts at all until probably Sunday. I also have very little time for movies and such, though I can apparently get work done if the movie is on behind me. Short version: don't sit on the couch and try to work. :)


Anonymous said...

Must... Make... Time... For... Crafting...

Heheee... have a good week hun.

Shaina said...

Good words.