Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Is this week dragging, or is it just me?

Seriously, I woke up this morning not believing that it's only Wednesday. I'm ready for the weekend already. (Well, actually, I'm not. I do have stuff I need to get done before Saturday.)

I suspect part of the reason for the drag of the week is that last week I was much busier in terms of work. This week, it's been a bit slower. But a good portion of that is due to the fact that I'm officially making the transition to the history division at work. In other words, I won't be an admin assistant any more as of May 1st. :) I have, however, told our office manager that I'll gladly help her out as time permits. But there's a whole lot of restructuring going on in the office, so she will also be getting someone else to help.

The most exciting part of this transition is the fact that I'm moving from my corner of the shared workspace to my very own office. With four walls and a door. This is super exciting for me, as it also means I get a much better view out my window than I currently have. Okay, so not that much better, when it comes down to it. I'll still be able to see the construction site, which isn't all that exciting. But I think I'll have slightly less construction site in my view. :)

So of course, when I get moved into my office, I'm know I'm going to end up bringing in some decorative stuff. Because I don't already have weird enough stuff on my desk... :) (For the record, right now it's limited to a couple of family photos, two Star Wars plushies, a mini Cthulhu, my new sea otter paperweight, and this little blue ninja guarding my computer tower. Oh, and the neon green plastic skeleton with a thumbtack through his neck... uh... yeah... :) )


Emma said...
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Kayce said...

That's so exciting! You'll have to share photos of your new office once you get settled in.

Dawn said...

I will! :) My "office" at the moment is certainly not photo worthy, but once we get my new office all cleaned up (and new furniture in it! Yay!), I'll take some pictures. :)