Friday, May 02, 2008

Go see Iron Man!

However, if you can help it, don't sit in the front row. I think it's gonna take a bit for my eyes to recover from that. Ugh. Sure, we had tickets already bought, but that doesn't mean we had saved seats. :(

In other movie related news, here's the upcoming movie schedule.

Next week, we're going to go see Forbidden Kingdom, because we haven't seen it yet.

May 16 - Prince Caspian - Oh heck yeah, I love me some Narnia. I think they skipped a book, but it's been years since I read them, and I only just re-acquired the first one about a month ago. Still haven't re-read it. :)

May 23 - Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Or, as I like to call it, Indiana Jones in the Temple of the Shia Pet. This actually comes out on the 22nd, but we'll wait a day to see it. :) Notes from the previews: Harrison Ford is looking rough, and I still can't stand Shia LeBouf.

Then it looks like we get a couple of weeks off, before two good movies on the same day!

June 13 - The Incredible Hulk and The Happening. The former will be good, cuz it's Ed Norton. The latter also looks to be good, as it's Marky Mark, Zooey, and John Leguizamo. Oh, and it's M. Night Shamemenena. Yes, I made that spelling up off the top of my head. :)

And then we're good for FOUR whole weeks. July will then proceed to rock with:

July 11 - Hellboy 2. I didn't see the first one in the theater, but I'm a little more into it now. So yeah, we'll probably see it in the theater.

July 18 - The Dark Knight. Oh, yes. Oh, yes indeed. I love Christian Bale as Batman. He's the best billionaire playboy ever. (Though Robert Downey Jr. is up there in the billionaire playboy ranks.)

July 25 - The X-Files: I Want to Believe. Okay, cheezy subtitle, but I must see this. We drove 90 miles to see the first one, many many years ago. Luckily, we don't have to drive as far for this one. :)

And by then, I think we'll be about tapped out for movies for the YEAR. Good thing that's about all of the interesting ones that I know about so far... Jerome is nodding in agreement for the moment. :)


jeffdav said...

Caspian is two. Dawn treader is three. Silver chair is four. Horse and boy is five. Magicians nephew is six. And the last battle is, er, last.

Anandi said...

I don't see the 'Sex and the City' movie on your list ;)

Woven Chains said...

Okay, I so didn't need to read this list! I love movies, but with a full time job, a four-hour a day commute, a 7-year-old, and Summer Market season upon us, if I get to see one or two movies a year in the theater, I'm doing good. I'm jealous of your time and freedom!!!

I think if I had to pick just two or three, they would be Indy, Dark Knight, and Iron Man.


Dawn said...

Jeff: Awesome, I had them mixed up in my head. :)

Anandi: Gosh, no, not on my list. :)

Trina: My original plan included just those three. And then, of course, I had to find out about the rest. :)

jeffdav said...

Though it looks from the preview that it may not be a very canonical version of the story. I think I saw the white witch in one scene, and I'm pretty sure she wasn't in the book. Hopefully it's just a flashback or something.