Monday, May 05, 2008

Kids have the neatest ideas... :)

I spent several hours yesterday sitting beside a 5 year old boy (and his mom) at I Heart Rummage, watching him draw all sorts of pictures. I actually traded him a crocheted cupcake for one, and paid him 10 cents for another. :)

The one that I paid him for was of a drawing of a cupcake stand or shop, but it was so neat to see how he drew from things on my table when he was drawing it. I have crocheted cupcakes with cherries on the top; he made some with cherries, strawberries, blueberries, and one with a crown. Of those things, I have all but blueberries somewhere at my table.

I'm sure that those of you with kids see this sort of stuff all the time, but I only observe other peoples' kids in action. So I'm easily amazed by this sort of stuff. :) (Of course, by the end of the four hours, I was happy that he would be going home with his mom, and that I would be going home by myself. I love kids, but I don't think I could cope with one of my own. Parents similarly amaze me. :) )

Anyway, work is keeping me plenty busy today, so off to do more of that. :)

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