Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Movie Review: Prince Caspian

So we made it out to see Prince Caspian tonight, which I'm calling by the abbreviated title because the full one is way too long to type. :) Overall, pretty good movie. However, I think I liked the first one better, and Jerome thinks he liked this one better. Main reason for his choice? He liked the combat sequences in this one better. :)

I really don't remember the book (if I ever read it), so I can't really make much of a comparison there. It also seems to me that perhaps they toned down the Christianity bits considerably, so that part sat better with me. There was even a bit of a Poseidon-like character, which was pretty neat. :)

Best part, however, is Eddie Izzard as the voice of a swashbuckling mouse. I have this brilliant idea now that they should make a Puss N' Boots (voiced by Antonio Banderas) vs. the swashbuckling Narnia mouse movie. It would be brilliant. They could have blue people! (*)

So yeah, definitely worth seeing, and you should be able to take most kids to it. The violence is pretty intense, though, so some of the younger ones might not deal too well with that.

In other movie news, I'm pleased to see that Brendan Fraser is working again. Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D AND a new Mummy movie? I'm in heaven. :) (Even if Rachel Weiss is NOT in the new Mummy movie... Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh are!)

(*) Across the Universe reference.

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patrick said...

haven't seen Prince Caspian yet but definitely looking forward to it... i'll have to look over the book one more time just to remind myself how the original story goes