Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Office picture! :)

The strange shaped building out my window

Okay, so it's not of my office, but rather of the view. I think that most of the Seattle readers of this blog will recognize the strange building in this picture. I've heard it called the Mariners Building, cuz there's a Mariners shop in it. If I didn't know that, though, I'd call it the "Really Thin Slice of Pie" Building. It's seriously this strange wedge shaped building, taking up the last little bit of space before Olive and Stewart merge into a single street.

Of course, if you think the leaves look green in this photo (taken last Thursday), they've gotten increasingly green and thicker since I took it. :)

Yup, I love my office. :)


Rekoj said...

Yep - totally recognize it! Our dayjobs are close-ish. (I'm at the north end of the Market) We should meet up for lunch sometime!

Dawn said...

Yes, we should! :) There was talk at one point about an EtsyRain downtown lunch or happy hour event, but it never panned out. Now that the weather is getting nicer, and walking somewhere for lunch is more appealing we definitely should get something together, even if it is just two of us! :)

Original Cyn Studios said...

Gorgeous view!!!! Love the grayish sky with the beautiful green.