Monday, May 19, 2008


Had a pretty nice weekend, despite the fact that I think I almost melted on Saturday. It got up close to 90 degrees, and while 80 wasn't bothering me much (mainly because I was inside most of Friday), 90 was a bit much. However, we now have a fan for the living room and two for the bedroom, so I think we can survive the summer.

Saturday was Exalted, and we decided to play outside until the bugs started bothering us and we couldn't read the dice anymore. :) Pretty good game all around, but it seems that my games always start trickling off around 10:30. This may have to do with the fact that I generally turn into a pumpkin around 10:00, even on the weekends. Ah well, I think it was a good game, and the good news is that we're finally reaching the portion of the game where there are things to follow up on. So it's back to Nexus for the next game to follow up on some things. The end result of this for me: less planning is necessary.

Sunday, I went to the University District Street Fair with a bunch of EtsyRain folks and families, and it was a pretty good time. My only complaint is that I opted to NOT wear my silly black straw hat, and ended up with a partial sunburn on my face for my efforts. It's kind of funny, really, because you can basically see where I actually hit my face with the sunscreen stick. This means the middle of my forehead is still white, but right at my hairline is red. This may also be a product of only having SPF 30 to use for my face, while I slathered on the SPF 45 for my tattoos and other exposed body parts. However, I have now seen a commercial for SPF 75, and I think I'm going to get that before Mayhem, in July.

And now, a fashion question for my friendly readers. What shoes do you wear with a knee-length, very wide A-line-ish skirt, when you have to walk quite a bit? Yes, I'm looking for practical shoes. Or justification that I can wear my Docs with a skirt and not look too dorky. :) (Wait, who am I kidding? Mostly I don't care about looking dorky. But I'm still asking the question.)


ambika said...

I wear flats when I have to walk, regardless of wheahter I've got a skirt or pants on. Being crippled by the end of the day is just not an option for me. And I don't know how many fashion sites I've seen raving about the comeback of Docs so if you want to wear them, go for it!

Dawn said...

Hmmm... for some reason, flats and I don't get along. I have possibly the narrowest heels in the world, though, so that could be the issue.

I got my pair of Docs slightly used, which means already broken in--best shoes I've ever owned!