Monday, June 16, 2008

Chicken, no head. Part eleventy-billion.

Weekend was lovely, for the most part. I wandered around Ballard shopping on Saturday (nothing exciting, mostly yarn), and then went out with Aine and some other ladies for Aine's bachelorette party. Lots of fun, though I did head home on the early side. Spent most of Sunday feeling rather dead, though. I'm not sure if it was the late (for me) night, too much alcohol (doubtful), or just the mixing of alcohol (hard cider and tequila... maybe that was a bad plan...). But I did get some sewing done, and Hello Kitty continues to be a champ. :)

And now we start the insanity. I leave for a three day trip tomorrow. Friday, I'm in for half a day, before Aine and John's wedding that afternoon. Saturday, I get to run a bunch of errands in preparation for my next trip, which lasts from Sunday to Friday. I come back from that in time for the EtsyRain show on the 28th. It looks like the week following that MIGHT be mostly calm... and I get a 3 day weekend, thanks to the 4th of July. (That long weekend may just save my sanity.)

The week after that, I fly to Montana for less than 18 hours, and then come back for my much deserved vacation. But then we have a concert one day, then a free day, and then Jerome's sister arrives for his birthday weekend. The day his sister leaves, his dad arrives for the better part of a week. He leaves on a Thursday, and now it looks like I fly out for another week long trip that Sunday. I'm beginning to think that SeaTac is my home... *sigh*...

So the short version of all of this is that if you don't see me or hear from me for a while, I'm probably just fine. I might just be having difficulty finding time to BREATHE!


Anandi said...

oooh, what concert?

Dawn said...

Mayhem Fest. We're going to see Disturbed, Black Tide, and Airborne (sp?). Well, Jerome wants to see Mastadon, too, I think. :)