Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm above half of the power lines! :)

Yes, you read that correctly. Last time I was in Port Angeles, there were power lines that got in the way of my pictures out the window of my hotel. Well, I'm a floor higher this time, which means I'm above half of the power lines. Incidentally, I'm also probably in one of the highest points in this town, and I'm only on the 3rd floor. Yay, Port Angeles! :)

It's very gray and gloomy out, and I haven't dragged the camera out yet. It will happen, however. :) I'm also thinking that I'm not going to move the car at all until I have to check out of the hotel. It's a little cool and drizzly, but everything I need to do is really within walking distance of this hotel--part of the reason I asked to stay here again. :) So unless I get some crazy desire to drive out on the hook or something, I think I'll just walk everywhere. :)

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