Tuesday, June 03, 2008


1) The day after I put away my rain jacket, it always rains. I thought I was cleaning up the apartment. What I was really doing was summoning the rain clouds. My bad.

2) I had to wait 20 minutes today for a small bus, rather than the normal big, articulated bus. The bus schedules changed on Monday, and so far, the bus is 2 for 2 for sucking. The bus yesterday morning also took forever to arrive, and was jam packed. That one WAS a big bus. Either I need to start making it out the door earlier, or I'm going to start cursing my commute. *sigh*

3) I was going to post lots of movie reviews this week, but it seems that I'm just a movie watching fool right now. So here we go with the quick movie recaps.

Dirty Pretty Things: Not what I was expecting, but I think better than I was actually thinking it might be. Cute little French girl from Amelie (whose last name I can't spell) looks even younger with longer hair, still cute, and doesn't have a totally unintelligible accent. :)

3:10 to Yuma: While I must admit that I really didn't watch this one all that closely, because it seemed fairly slow, and there were other things to do, I did like what I watched of it. What's not to like about a movie with Christian Bale and Alan Tudyk?! (Oh, and Russell Crowe, but I'm sort of "meh" about him.)

Near Dark: Simultaneously the BEST and WORST vampire movie ever made. The vampires: fabulous, especially the child vampire (and Bill Paxton and Lance... crud, can't spell his last name either). However, one aspect of the plot is purely ridiculous, and that really ruins the movie for me. Still, I can't resist it, and had to get Jerome to watch it last night. It's on our On Demand right now, and I expect I will watch it a lot. I still haven't gotten it on DVD, though I've been meaning to for years. :)

I think tonight will be Immortal Beloved, also on the On Demand, because I can't resist Gary Oldman in pretty much anything. He's just an amazingly good actor. :)


Kayce said...

So you are the one to blame for the rain today? I've been delaying putting away the snow shoes for the same concern... if you see snow, you'll know I finally gave it. I am considering leaving them until winter though :)

Dawn said...

If it snows in June, it will be the latest I've EVER seen snow. Also, it will make me happy in a strange way, because there's a song called "Snow in June" that I've loved since I was a teenager. :)