Monday, June 09, 2008

Yay for new stuff! :)

Of course, the new stuff is made better by the fact that I also traded away old stuff in getting the new stuff. :)

Sunday was our first Inter-EtsyRain Swap and Shop, which meant that a bunch of us brought stacks of our crafts, supplies, and whatever else we had lying around, and had a mini-craft show. So I unloaded some supplies that I knew were just taking up space, and also traded a few of my finished things for some more supplies and other stuff.

All of my scores were really wonderful, but I think my favorite trade was for a Star Wars purse that Kayce had made. She had decided not to list it because of the Star Wars logo, and I have to say that I was happy that I found it on her table. I asked if she'd be willing to trade, and she said she'd send Robbie (her son) to look at what I had brought for the trade. So I showed him what I had to offer, and he decided that he wanted a yellow fish, and that was all. I suggested that maybe Lyssie (his sister) might like a fish too, so he picked a pink one for her. I figured less fights if they each had a fish. :) (Yes, I do come from a family with multiple children... however did you guess? :) )

I also had a partial trade with Meghan for a needle felting kit, which I have determined is WAY too much fun for me. You mean I get to stab something repeatedly and I'm MAKING something while I do it? Rock on. Thus far (*knock on wood*) there has been no stabbing of myself, and I call that a victory. Of course, I haven't really made much yet. I'm mostly just experimenting and seeing what I can make. Then I'll think about calling it something. :)

And I made one outright purchase, finally picking up some of Marlo's Totes 2 Go, which are seriously the most clever things ever. I got a set with a dark blue background and lots of brightly colored planets, which was the best compromise I could think of between stuff that Jerome and I would both like. He said he felt like a dork carrying one of them from the car to the apartment, but we got all of our groceries into those 2 totes and a big bag that was made for me a while ago, brought home no plastic bags, AND saved 15 cents for bringing our own bags. Yeah, I know that 15 cents really isn't much, but it's something. Over the course of a year, it'll add up. And we don't have more stupid plastic bags.

Aside from the felting kit, the only other supplies I got were all things that are destined for specific projects. Cream colored yarn for crocheted roses, baby colored yarn for the next baby afghan I need to make, and some more fabric that will go into my amazing gypsy patchwork skirt. That thing is going to be crazy when I get it done. :)


Anandi said...

And you know it's not just about the 15c you'll save, but the smug satisfaction that you're saving the planet ;)

I love using my reusable bags at Trader Joe's. And I do hate the plastic grocery bags. A lot.

I'm sorry I missed the event. I actually had some stuff for the Free table, but just couldn't bring myself to drive all the way over to the Westside. I'm so lame.

Kayce said...

So glad you like the Star Wars bag... I was glad it went to someone who would appreciate it (which is why I brought it). I'm also secretly happy to own two fishies... although I am reminded that they aren't really mine :)

Also - shop at Trader Joes with your new Totes and you get entered into a drawing for free groceries!

Dawn said...

Sadly, I'm a big slacker and still haven't found the Trader Joes. I know there is one. I think it's in the U District, based on where I see people on the bus with their Trader Joes bags full of numminess. I'm also not sure how much stuff at Trader Joes Jerome will eat. :)