Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Movie recaps!

We have finally gotten our Netflix movies arriving on a schedule that seems to work... either that, or our plans for last week worked out so that the Netflix DVDs all got watched over the weekend. :)

So first up was me watching Rushmore on my own. Somehow, I missed that this was a Wes Anderson movie before I watched it. On watching it, it's totally obvious, and not only because Bill Murray is in it. :) The way I described this to Jerome was "It's like Napoleon Dynamite, only with slightly less of a plot." Seeing as he hates Napoleon Dynamite because of it's alleged lack of plot, he understood entirely. The truth of the matter is that Rushmore DOES actually have more of a plot than Napoleon Dynamite, but the two movies had enough of the same sort of feel to them that I felt justified in comparing them. Only I LIKE Napoleon Dynamite and didn't really think Rushmore was that good. It was slightly disappointing to me. :(

Next we watched Bourne Supremacy together, and I really didn't watch it all that intently. Straight action movies have to be pretty crazy for them to really hold my attention well. Recent good examples: Crank and Shoot 'Em Up. Both very simple on the surface, but with a good plot buried underneath the random violence. It may have been that I haven't seen the other Bourne movies for a few years, but I just couldn't get into this one. And did we ever find out why Julia Stiles' character was so moon-eyed over Jason Bourne? I just didn't get that...

Finally, we watched Equilibrium, which is a movie that we had both seen before. It stars Christian Bale, though, so you don't have to ask me twice to watch it again. What we had forgotten is that Sean Bean is also in the movie, and we've determined that he plays "conflicted" very well. Boromir ... Odysseus ... and guy in Equilibrium. (Sadly, he isn't in the last long enough for me to acknowledge that his character has a name.) He has that "pensive and wistful" look DOWN. :)

And that's all for this week. I just rearranged the Netflix queue again so we can get some good stuff for this week, but I then promptly forgot which movies I picked. Ah well, that makes it a fun surprise. :)

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ambika said...

I remember being pleasantly surprised by Equilibrium. Very reminiscent of the Matrix yet somehow I don't remember ever seeing the previews.