Monday, July 21, 2008

It's Monday...

Up bright and early, as per the usual, only it's gray and rainy at the coast. Now, if it's anything like yesterday was, I'll drive two miles east, and it'll be sunny again. In fact, the forecast for Ukiah, which is where I'm going today, is sunny and in the 90s. Unfortunately, I packed for the coast, which is supposed to be in the 70s. Thank goodness for having at least one pair of really lightweight capris. :)

I'm strongly debating whether or not I should eat before I leave, or eat when I get there. The road that I have to take from Fort Bragg is super curvy, and I don't much want to lose my breakfast. So I think I'll compromise and stop halfway for food. Once I get past the curvy part, that is. :)

The only other big disappointment is that my cell phone is on roaming here, which makes it hard to call Jerome, or call the person who's directing this project. I'm hoping for a clear signal today when I'm not on the coast, but who knows. There are places in California without cell towers. This comes as a shock to me. Then again, I'm not too sure what I expected of California. I drove through some really rural parts, some of which looked like Kansas, and then some that did not. And now I'm at the ocean. Weird frickin' state. :)

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