Monday, August 11, 2008

Good weekend!

So I made a LOT of headway on the first of my two big orders over the weekend. This involved, among other things, me going to a dollhouse shop, so that I could find a teensy little eggbeater and a teensy little toilet plunger. As it ended up, I found a suitable replacement for the latter option. But the dollhouse shop was CRAZY. I guess when you're selling tiny little things, you don't need a lot of space, but people do still need to walk around. In the aisles, there really wasn't room for two people to pass one another, which was awkward when there are 3-4 people shopping.

Crocheted Dalek - Exterminate!

And the end result, of course, is very cute. :) For those who aren't as geeky as me, it's a Dalek, from Doctor Who. This little guy, however, is maybe 4 inches tall, rather than about 5 feet tall. I refuse to crochet anything that approaches my own height. :) And yeah, these will be going in the shop as soon as I can make time to make more of them... I bought extra dollhouse accessories so that I could make more. That'll save me from going to the claustrophobic store that involves taking two buses to get to, though it's probably not even 2 miles from where we live! :)

Aside from crocheting like a madwoman, we also got to do character creation for my Werewolf Wild West game, which is looking like it's going to be a blast. It's most of the same folks that we've been gaming with since last year, and they're always a great group to game with. Looks like we may be adding a fourth to the group, which will also be fun. Don't be surprised if I babble on about Werewolf stuff from time to time, though more often it'll probably be about 1850s history that I'm babbling about. :)

And we also got two more seasons of X-Files on DVD last night, because they were on sale. Of course, I told Jerome that we're finishing season two of Doctor Who first, and that's a big sacrifice for me, because the seasons we got of X-Files are 3 and 4... season 3 is my very favorite season, since a) that's when I started watching the show, and b) "Small Potatoes."

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Rekoj said...

Oh my that is indeed quite cute! Who would've thought - an eggbeater with crochet!