Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One down, the other to go! :)

I'm done with the first of the two big orders! Hurrah! I've posted most of them to my Flickr, but not everything yet. I'm not sure who some of those items are for, and whether those folks look at my Flickr or not. Better safe than sorry, right? :)

I've actually started on the second order, too, which has occasioned interesting conversations on the bus. Yesterday, a man sitting next to me asked what I was making. I explained it to him. He got on the bus today, and sat across the aisle from me. He asked if I was working on the same thing. I said that it was a different one than yesterday, but the same basic thing. He asked how many I had made. I told him 3 yesterday, counting the one he saw me working on. He asked if my fingers hurt. :)

I'm sure he'll be on the same bus as me again tomorrow (this route has a lot of regulars), and I'm sure he'll ask me how many I'm up to now. I finished 3 today also. :)

Yes, I am a crocheting fiend. :)

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