Monday, September 08, 2008


So I didn't end up posting on Friday because I spent most of the day waiting in airports, sitting at the back of the plane, and having a foot that was sticky with soda. :( All in all, it was a pretty cruddy day, which collapsed when I got home. I took a bath and went to bed, and that pretty much was the highlight of my day. (Aside from seeing NKOTB on TV, but that was a secret highlight. Shhh!)

Saturday was much better, as I was able to get back into the swing of things. I ran a bunch of errands, and picked up the display piece I needed for my show on Sunday. And then Sunday was the show itself (I Heart Rummage), and it went VERY well for me. I heard a lot of people commenting that it was really slow, that there weren't as many shoppers, etc. I did better at this one than I have at both of the other two I did combined. My theory on this was that there were less vendors, meaning more space around for people to walk and look at things. So it didn't seem so jam packed as it often does. Also, I think the new display piece helped my table, as it got all of the cupcakes out there for people to see.

And yeah, it looks like people are ready for Halloween already! Two of my sales were new Halloween cupcakes, which haven't even made it into my shop yet. I had the idea not too long before I was going to Texas, and spent part of Monday working on getting those made. But I had no time to photograph them before I went. So two of the little pumpkin cupcakes have gone on to new homes without even a photo. *sniffle*

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