Thursday, October 09, 2008

Frank's famous! :)

I got a message last night from Paige of Handmade Horrors, letting me know that she had spotted one of my items in the Halloween gift guide on Etsy. This is one of those super mega exciting moments for me, because a) it's a pretty prominent feature on Etsy right now, and b) I am the girl who lives for Halloween!

So since Frank is famous, he may not be making the excursion to the Handmade Arts Show with me on Sunday. That's okay, though, because his brother, Stein, will be there. Now maybe it's just me, but I think Stein is even cuter than Frank. Stein's just camera shy, so he hasn't been photographed and posted yet. (Or maybe it's the Seattle sun that's camera shy, though it seems to be out and about while I'm at work all day!)

And there's a hope that the family will be expanding, as I used all the beads I had to make Frank and Stein. But Julia of Entangles said she'd check her bead stash for me. I think I'd better take all the stuff I need to make more to the show with me on Sunday, cuz I don't think Stein will last long before getting bought! :)

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