Saturday, October 18, 2008

My craft space!

So last night was super mega rearrange mode. See, we're picking up Rock Band 2, with all the instruments, tomorrow evening. We live in a decent size apartment, but we have a lot of crap, particularly of the arts and crafts variety.

We started out by doing some rearranging in the bedroom, because I had two great shelving units that I was using as my dressers. So I bought a small dresser, hung up a few things, and got creative with some cardboard boxes. We still need a few more pieces for the bedroom, I think, but we were trying to do this without spending too much money!

Once the two shelving units were cleared off, they made the move to the living room... err, technically, the hallway. We have a semi-wide entry hallway that connects the front door/kitchen to the living room. That's been my craft area since we moved in, but it's also been a big mess since we moved in. The shelving units have made it much nicer. One became my new shipping station, while the other became the storage for my craft fair display pieces and my various supplies that didn't already have a home. It's not the fanciest thing--my main shipping item holder is still made of Capri-Sun boxes, and most of the storage I use is Priority Mail boxes. But again, doing this on as little money as possible was key. :)

And of course, this isn't everything. I've got yarn in a shoe rack hanging on the closet door. I have an entire Rubbermaid also full of yarn, and several small boxes holding more yarn. I have an entire Rubbermaid of fabric, another one with miscellaneous materials, and a box under the bed with most of my cross-stitch stuff. And let's not talk about the paper craft table, which is the next project to tackle. I'd love to eventually be able to invite people over to PLAY Rock Band at our apartment... we're making some progress toward that. :)

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