Friday, October 31, 2008

What day is it now?

I guess I do know that it's Halloween, which makes it Friday I suppose. Vacation has a very funny way of totally warping my perceptions, though. :)

So we spent most of Wednesday in transit, stayed at my mom's house overnight, and drove down to Carbondale on Thursday. We spent the rest of the day catching up with Thor and Cindy, our friends who we're staying with, and then doing wedding related activities. We had the rehearsal in the freezing cold chapel, and then went to dinner at a pretty decent Italian place. After that, everyone decided to go hang out Bryan and Vanessa's (groom and bride) apartment, because Michael (one of their roomies) has Rock Band. :) Of course, said roomie wasn't home, but that's okay. If the game is in the living room, it's fair game. :)

Today has been mostly sitting around like bums. :) We're getting ready to head back over to Bryan and Vanessa's for an abbreviated Halloween party, due to the fact that we have to be ready for wedding pictures at 9:15 tomorrow, and the chapel is about half an hour from here. Keep in mind, too, that we're staying with one of the other bridesmaids, whose husband will also be at the wedding. So that's 4 of us that have to get up, showered, and ready, by like 8:30. Ugh. Their other roomie is lucky--after we leave, he'll have the whole place to himself, and a good hour and a half to get ready.

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