Monday, October 27, 2008

My brain, it is turned off now.

Okay, so technically it's not completely off, but I've been walking around for most of the day thinking that it's Thursday. More specifically, that it's LAST Thursday. When I was at UW and saw the paper saying it was the 27th, my brain went "pshaw, that's not possible." Only it is.

This is largely because for me, it may as well be Thursday. Tomorrow is my Friday already. How awesome is that?! Of course, getting through tomorrow, with the amount of work I have stacked up on my plate, is another matter entirely. This is all of the work variety, as most of what we need to do still before leaving is easy stuff, like packing. Can't do that till Jerome does the laundry tomorrow, so therefore not on my radar yet. :)

Today, my only remaining duties? To figure out what we have that we can eat, since we decided to skip grocery shopping in favor of more Rock Band 2 last night. :) Luckily, it made sense to not go grocery shopping, since we don't wanna load up the fridge with stuff that will go bad before we get back. However, it may make for some interesting meals for today and tomorrow. I foresee a lot of eggs in our future, as they're one of the few things we have that needs to be used up before we go. :)

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