Friday, October 24, 2008


So I haven't been legitimately BUSY this week, I've just been not on the computer as much as I usually am. You can blame the vast majority of that fact on Rock Band 2. It's pretty sweet. :) I've been directed to start learning to play guitar on there, however, as apparently Jerome wants to sing sometimes. :)

Other than that, I haven't done a whole lot. I only crocheted a bit on Tuesday night, when I decreed that we should watch a movie so I could get SOMETHING done. Of course, I only worked on Christmas gifts that night. :) I'm planning to get a bit of craftiness accomplished over the weekend, though I'm not sure how much of it will be for my shops, and how much of it will just be for fun. Either way, though, it'll be good to get something done. :)

We're also getting ready for the trip to Illinois for Halloween and Bryan and Vanessa's wedding. My dress is cleaned, and I figured out which shoes to wear with it. Jerome's kilt needs to be washed, but that can go in the regular washing machine. And he's got Tuesday off to take care of the last minute laundry and such, so that I can pack when I get home that night. :) We also found out we get to LARP while we're there, so that's an exciting addition to the trip... and I think Cindy and I will hit the after-Halloween sales on Sunday, since the wedding is early on Saturday.

Once we're back from that, I'm not in town for long before I run off to Kansas for a week. This is the trip to NOT the good part of Kansas, though I will get to hang out with one of our friends from Seattle who moved to Lawrence while I'm out there. So that makes it a little better than middle-of-nowhere Kansas. :) And then after that trip, I might actually be in Seattle until Christmas... of course that's just wishful thinking, I'm sure. :)

Oh, and End of the Work Week Wisdom?

"They ate all the cupcakes. They're going to come out and be like 'oh, that was a bad choice.' They'll have icing smeared all over their faces."
--Me, explaining why Apocalyptica took so long to take the stage last night

And speaking of, I'm not sure I like Showbox Market.
1) The only place where you can be up higher than on the floor is in the bar area.
2) The only place where you can sit is in the bar area.
3) The bar area is COMPLETELY packed during an all ages show.
4) The floor BOUNCES when people start jumping around.

Honestly, it's prettier on the inside than El Corazon, but I'm really prefering El Corazon. They at least have a narrow little wall that's raised up that I can sit on. :) Of course, having seen Showbox Market, I'm really dreading our excursion to Showbox SoDo, or as Anandi calls it, "ConcreteBox."


Anandi said...

so how was the show itself? i have yet to see a show at that showbox.

but more than ConcreteBox, I HATE El Corazon. I had to actually MISS the last band I went to see there because I thought I was going to pass out from the lack of ventilation and heat in there. YUCK.

Dawn said...

Yeah, El Corazon very much sucks in the summer time. First show we saw in Seattle was there, and we didn't stay past the beginning of the 2nd band (of 4).

The show was super duper awesome. Jerome had seen videos of Apocalyptica performing live, but I hadn't. They are crazy type people on stage. Lots of energy! :)

ambika said...

I *vastly* prefer Showbox on 1st to the Sodo Showbox. Not only do the acoustics suck but there's *no* where that's higher than anywhere else--ie: if you're short, you're screwed. Unfortunately, almost every band I've seen has been there instead of the market. Sigh.