Thursday, November 06, 2008

Crafts? Yeah, I still do those...

I was going back through some old blog posts yesterday, and I realized I haven't really talked much about what crafty projects I've got going on lately. Part of this might be that I haven't had many crafty projects lately. :) I'm working on more soap sweaters for Seattle Sundries mostly, and not much for my own shop.

I am working on a few neat things for Christmas though. I decided to give all of the kids on my mom's side of the family crocheted things. Some of them were things I had worked on previously, though I am now faced with the need to figure out how to make a teapot to go with Darci-Anna's tea cups. I know what I'm doing for the basic shape and the handle, but the spout has got me all confused. Teapot spouts are really strange when you try to break them down into simple shapes!

I still have to work on Peter's gift, of course, but at least Sarah (my sister) told me just what he wanted, down to the colors it should be. I wonder if that's more of an attempt to match his room than his personal preferences, but I don't know a lot of almost 3 year olds, so who knows if he has a personal preference yet. :)

And whether the new baby (Sarah's due in early March) will have an afghan at Christmas or not is debateable. For the sake of my sanity, I may put that off until after Christmas. :)

As for my shop, I know what I WANT to be working on, when I have the time. I sold four Decapitated Dollies to one person, so that section of my shop is looking a little sad. All the historic ones are gone now, and all of the dark haired girls as well. Those blondes just won't sell!

I also bought a sweater that I'm going to take apart for the yarn, which will then become some hats. I think that one of them is going to be my entry for the Secret Serenity challenge of the Big Damn Crafters, and I think I just figured out how to make it work even better. Now whether anyone will actually want to buy and wear this hat is another matter entirely. Here's a hint for those who will get it: layer cake dress hat. :)

And in other news, I joined Twitter today, because people have been talking about it on the EtsyRain message board. You may find me here.

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