Friday, December 19, 2008


Well, I successfully made it to and from work today, without much trouble. I did take the quick way down about four steps, but my backpack saved me from much more than a bruised left forearm (and not really a bad bruise, either).

My weekend plans seem to be mostly surviving, though some of them in altered form. I may be having virtual coffee with a friend... as in he has coffee at his apartment and I have tea at mine while we chat online... to substitute for actually going out into the cold cold world. Thus far, my plans for the Steampunk Cabaret remain completely intact... I just need to find clothing that is warm enough and boots that are functional enough. Fashion may not win out this time.

Sunday, though, I Heart Rummage has been canceled, so I'll be recovering from the Steampunk Cabaret and watching it snow and/or sleet. The head of our office sent out an E-mail today suggesting that folks take work home with them today so that if the weather is really as nasty as they are predicting, we can all just work from home on Monday. I like this option. A lot. :)

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