Monday, December 22, 2008

Not as planned

So when it comes down to it, my entire weekend was completely not as planned. The only thing that survived intact-ish was that I got to have coffee with my friend Jeremy. However, we had to make it "virtual" coffee--he made coffee at his apartment, I made tea at mine, and we chatted for about an hour while we drank our respective beverages. So it's like going out for coffee, without the going out. :)

But the Steampunk Cabaret and I Heart Rummage were both casualties of the snow, so I stayed home, played a bit of Rock Band 2, and pretty much caught up on my crocheting. I still need to finish the baby afghan for my not-born-yet niece or nephew, but I technically have until March to finish that if I want to. If I get it done before Saturday, then the not-born-yet child has another gift to open... which really means my sister and brother-in-law have another gift to open. :)

The good news for the day, however, is that the temperature in Seattle has FINALLY broken 32 degrees, and the snow is beginning to melt. I can see it most apparently on the tree outside my office window (oh, yeah, I made it to the office again. Only one in today.), but I hear people shoveling too, and it's the easy sound of shoveling snow, rather than the scraping sound of shoveling ice.

My trek to work did include a trek though, as my bus got stuck a little under a mile from my office. Of course, me being pretty bad at gauging distances had no idea how far it really was to the office, but I knew how to get there, so I joined the masses of people who were departing buses and walking more blocks than usual to get to their places of employment. I am apparently a trooper and heroic, according to my co-workers. :) I have also declared myself Queen of the Office in their absence. :)

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