Monday, December 08, 2008

Short recaps post! :)

1) Punk Rock Flea Market went VERY well! I am almost sold out of armwarmers, and I even sold one pair when it was 10 minutes from being done. I asked the woman to go shop around and I'd have them ready for her before she left. :) So yeah, I need to restock those before I Heart Rummage, methinks!

2) I spent most of Sunday worn out from the previous day's exertions, and trying to get ready for my trip for work. As a result ...

3) I forgot to pack my hairbrush and my reading glasses. I also didn't pack my camera, because I somehow convinced myself that I didn't need it. Hello! We're staying right near the ocean, and I didn't need my camera? No, I don't know what I was thinking. Thus far, though, I am doing okay without of all of these items. I did go retrieve a comb, though, so my hair will be mostly managed. :)

4) Southern California looks much more like California is supposed to. I say supposed to totally based on movies and TV, because I'm a dork. But there really are palm trees everywhere. And surf shops across the road from Christmas tree lots. :)

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