Friday, December 05, 2008

Hurrah for Friday!

Though I'm busy as all get out, it's still nice that it's Friday. I'm slightly less busy when I don't spend 10 hours of the day out of my apartment. :)

Tomorrow is Punk Rock Flea Market, which will have me out of the apartment for... oh, something like 10-11 hours. Well, at least I'm home for a good chunk of Sunday. Thank goodness for the people I'm traveling with having a much longer flight and not wanting to leave too early. They leave at 4 something, and I don't take off till 7 p.m. :)

Back next Friday, and then we have parties to attend the next two nights. Then I think I have a week of normal with an actual Saturday, before I Heart Rummage on the 21st. Then I work 3 days, and then get something ridiculous like 11 days of vacation. Only spending 2 of them at our apartment, but ah well. :)

I will be a very happy person when January rolls around. I'm looking forward to being bored. :)

And End of the Work Week Wisdom:
"Period military is not the dress code of a straight man."
--Owen Harper, referring to Captain Jack Harkness, on Torchwood

Yes, I am obsessed. :) Though I do have to say that I like Captain Jack better when he's on Doctor Who. He's much more of comic relief there... he only gets one or two really funny lines on his own show. :)

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