Wednesday, December 17, 2008

There is no snowpocalypse...

There is only Zuul. :)

So I had gotten myself good and ready for there to be HEAPING piles of snow everywhere when I woke up this morning. I peeked out the window at 6 a.m., and saw nothing. I continued peeking out the windows until I had to leave for the library, and still nothing. For about 1 minute after lunch, there was some vaguely sleet-y snow at UW, and then it was done.

Now I know that SOME parts of Seattle got snow, and apparently even a reasonable amount, but I'm still waiting for the impending snowpocalypse. Of course, I don't REALLY want it to happen, as I have plans for tomorrow night that hinge on no snow, and plans on Saturday that hinge on no snow. Oh, and Sunday too. Today was pretty much the only day I was willing to tolerate snow.

Sorry weather, you blew it. No snow for you. :p

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