Monday, January 12, 2009

So glad to be home

While I'm sure that under different circumstances, I might have absolutely loved Portland, I ended up cursing it most of the time when I was there. The work itself wasn't awful, we had good food and drinks, and I got books at Powell's. But the weather sucked, and being away from home for another week was kind of difficult. I'm really only halfway back into my normal routine of things, having been gone so much lately.

However, I do have to say that I love Seattle so much more than Portland, so I'm glad I decided to live here. My reason? The freaks in Seattle are so much more fun to watch. Portland seemed really sedate comparatively, especially when a walk from my office to the bank and back involved seeing a woman screaming about Catholics, Buddhists, and Bill Gates (clearly a global conspiracy); a cop on one of those Segway thingies; and a girl with hot pink hair, bright aqua tights, and crazy lime green printed fleece legwarmers. Priceless.

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