Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I CAN cook! :)

So one of my goals for the new year (I don't do resolutions) is to try to do more cooking, particularly more cooking that does not just involve throwing something into the microwave for 2 minutes or less. This is mainly just me finally getting tired of eating like a college student, I think, and getting tired of eating the same meals every week.

Last night, I made steak and potatoes. The steak was just pan-fried, with some Asian sea salt mix and extra garlic rubbed into it, and turned out FAR tastier than I expected. Right before it was done, I realized I had no steak sauce, which would have been a tragedy if the steak had not turned out as well as it did. The potatoes were a variation on the recipe on the back of the Lipton's onion dip mix box. I'm not moving entirely away from cooking with SOME prepared items, and the potatoes with dry onion dip on them are like the best way to eat potatoes anyway. :)

And the best part of this meal is that after eating it last night, I had leftovers for my lunch today. The potatoes are even tastier today, I think, and the steak is still pretty good. I've got another bunch of potatoes at home, too. :)

If I had thought about it last night, there could have been pictures. But I didn't. So there aren't. :) Instead, you'll just have to imagine the yumminess. :)

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