Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Movie review: Don Juan de Marco

So in pursuit of all things Johnny Depp (a constant, life-long pursuit), I finally watched Don Juan de Marco last night, and loved it. Yes, the loving it was mainly about Johnny Depp being in it, but the story is cute too. And of course, being the geeks that we are, Jeremy and I turned it into a movie about Changeling, because that just fit. :) (For the Changeling fans: Marlon Brando as a Grump Boggan who has entered Autumn, with Johnny Depp's character trying to pull him back from it. :) )

Generally speaking, it's not the sort of movie I might normally watch. It is sort of a chick flick, made doubly so with Johnny Depp being SOOOOOO cute in this movie. The scenes where he's wearing eye makeup to make him look like a woman are amazing. :) (His jawline ruins any hopes and dreams he may have had of being a drag queen, however.)

And I know that Marlon Brando is considered a great actor and such, but seriously... could the man EVER enunciate? In his life?

Bonus points for the part of the movie where they were singing the Bryan Adams movie theme in Spanish. Or some close facsimile of it, since I don't know Spanish. I just knew the melody.

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