Thursday, January 15, 2009

That thing with the hooks and the yarn

So between life, the universe, and everything, I have barely picked up my crochet hooks since before Christmas. Mainly it's been life getting in the way of doing much, and maybe a little bit of burnout as well. I got some work done on the baby afghan for my new niece or nephew last night, and after I finished the 2nd square (maybe 10 inches square), I asked if the two squares were big enough for a baby afghan. :) I suppose I need to get to work on that, though, as we're already halfway through January, and the baby is due near the beginning of March. Of course, the baby afghan doesn't have to be done before the baby arrives, but it would be nice. :)

I also haven't done much of anything for my Etsy shops lately. I can make the excuse with Counting Stars that my lack of being home means I can't work on pretty much anything I make for that shop. But my only real excuse for not working on stuff for Scary White Girl Designs has been the above mentioned life and burnout issues. Aside from the little bit of work I've done on the afghan, I've only worked on a custom order since Christmas.

We had a good EtsyRain leadership meeting last night, though (even if it did technically bleed into today), so maybe that will get me inspired to work on some more stuff. But I also just have to find the time! I've been filling up my schedule with games and fun things to do, and it's been at the expense of my crafts. So far it hasn't bothered me too much, but the existence of this post means that it's on my mind...

And I have a show in 2 weeks, as the February I Heart Rummage is Feb. 1st. Eek!

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