Monday, January 19, 2009

Gaming madness!

Had a fun weekend of gaming, with one game as a player and one game as a helper! :)

The game I got to play in is a 2nd edition Exalted game, where we're trying to go through the Temple of Elemental Evil. Yes, that's the D&D Temple of Elemental Evil. The game is very much meant to be one of really kewl powerz and showing off awesome anime-like stunts. I'm playing a Night Caste, who is a mix between Lara Croft and Legolas, with MAGIC! :) This particular game is not big on the roleplaying, but it was fun nonetheless. Once we figure out how to combo my kewl powerz most efficiently, then maybe I'll actually be an effective character, as well. :)

The game I got to help with is a super neat game that Jeremy runs for the "kids" of some of his friends. Now granted, the "kids" are all teenagers, though most of them have been playing in a game run by Jeremy since they were kids. :) I was thrilled about helping out with the game because it's a predominantly female game--6 girls, and 2 or 3 boys. Seeing as I don't think I've ever gotten to play in a game that is so predominantly female, I had to give this one a shot. So I ended up making a couple of Werewolf: the Forsaken NPCs to play, and also got to help out as the finder of names. The kids were referring to me as the "other tormenter" before the game, and I think I lived up to that expectation. :) They all got very concerned whenever Jeremy and I were both furiously typing on our laptops rather than talking out loud. :) I have a sneaking suspicion they'll let me come torment them again, though. :)

Of course, my own Werewolf Wild West game seems to be on indefinite hiatus. We haven't played since October, and there is no indication when the next game will be. But I do get to run a Star Wars one-shot in three weeks, which I'm looking forward to (even if I do still have to learn the system!). So my gaming fix is quite satisfied these days. :)

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