Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Getting my house in order

Having been in Washington for coming up on 2 years, I finally decided it was time to have a Washington phone number. The impending anniversary was not the only motivation, of course. My current cell phone contract, which plays host to two phones, expires at the end of the month, which means I can finally be free of its tyranny. I will also admit to serious gadget lust over Jerome's iPhone that he got back in July.

So now I have my own. :)

Of course, I had to go shopping for my iPhone STUFF today. :) I had to get my beautimous Gelaskin, and then I needed a soft case for it as well, which I found in Ambika's shop. I also got a clear case to go over the Gelaskin, but it's not pretty at all. It's just practical. :)

Still have to do silly things like moving my phone numbers to the iPhone and making a ridiculous number of ringtones, but hurrah for a new phone that I love and can check my E-mail on. And also a phone that will be the cutest thing in the world when all of my purchases arrive! :) (Right now, it lives in an unmatched sock, and it is sad.)

And since this week is apparently the week of me dropping large amounts of money, I also paid off my car today. This is about 9 months early, but I had been making extra payments here and there over the course of the loan, and finally used some of my Christmas bonus to pay off that last bit. I am SO looking forward to not having monthly car payments, in a hope that MAYBE I can start saving that money for bigger and better things. :) It is pretty spiffy to officially OWN my car now, especially as this is my first ever all mine car. :)

I still have a couple more purchases to make over the next couple of months, but that's what my Christmas bonus was slated for--buying the stuff that I have been wanting, but haven't bothered to get yet. :) I have to say that as much as I miss my ridiculous amounts of sick and vacation time that I had when I worked for a state university, I do adore the Christmas bonus concept in the private sector. :)

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